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Colorado Jumbo Loans!

Whatever the reason for Purchasing your home, 1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions can help.
Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. 1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions works to give borrowers the most responsible advice in financing their home purchase and are experts at approving people for low jumbo loan mortgage rates in Colorado.

About Jumbo Loan Mortgage Rates in Colorado

In general, borrowers are subject to jumbo mortgage rates in Colorado when they open a loan for more than $453,100. However, if a borrower is looking to open a single-family loan in certain high-cost areas of Colorado, they will be charged jumbo loan mortgage rates in Colorado on loans above $679,650.
The structure of a jumbo loan is similar to other conventional mortgage loans, the primary differences being the slightly higher interest rate and the increased down payment. Typically, rates for a jumbo loan can be ½ to 1% higher than rates for standard conventional loans. Jumbo loans were designed to help high-income individuals afford luxury homes or smaller homes in highly desirable areas.

1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions Jumbo Options

  • Multiple Lenders to compare Jumbo Rates and Programs

  • 10% down options without Mortgage Insurance.

  • Fixed and Arm Options

  • Interest Only Options

Applying for a jumbo loan doesn’t take months of processing. We make it easy for you to afford the dream home you want, apply online or call us today and put 1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions to work for you.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Competence

  • Assist our clients through any roadblock that may arise

  • Help you reach your homebuyer dreams

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